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holistic vegan balance program

"It exceeded my expectations, thank you so much".

Muchas Gracias


quantum balance DIABETES program

" I have a family history of Diabetes both of my brothers are diabetic and my mother died from it. I started the program because I wanted to eat better and since I went to Dr. Flor's Lecture and listened that there is a cure for diabetes so I wanted to change my diet and life for good, I did an A1C test and was 6.7%, I follow the diet for 6 weeks with the support of my husband and daughter all together. Also, I received emotional therapy in the program , my emotional state is better I feel relaxed, there is peace in the family and I am capable to take decisions in a easier way. Therefore,  I got a sense of wellness and emotional healing.

I lost weight my clothes fit better, my husband even lost 24 pounds, my Daughter also lost weight and feels happier. My A1C at the end of the program for six weeks was 5.4% now I am free of Diabetes and Healthy than Ever."

Thank you Very Much



"The program helped me to know better options to eat healthier. During the third day, my sleeping got better from sleeping six to eight hours. My mood changed and I am more calm and patience. I will definitely continue with the vegan diet and I am very grateful with all the team that give us their time and better options to get a better life style".

Thank you very much.



"My name is Fernando R. and I'm 40 years old. I attended a lecture with many individuals about Quantum Balance Program benefits by Flor and Martin. After years of over indulging life's pleasures (drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and fast food). Which all had consequences in my health and it has been a while that I haven't felt in good health. I had suffered from joint pain, difficulty breathing, therefore; I need to use an inhaler (which contains steroids) I was on the verge to become diabetic. I had high levels on triglycerides and lack of energy. I used to drink a lot of coffee to boost my energy but once it ran out, I would crashed.

For all those reasons I decided to change my life. Personally I'm not a fan of conventional medicine, due to the fact that they only prescribe and not treat the cause. In addition, all pills have secondary side effects and even those ads for 'natural treatments I don't trust them.

Luckily in my life I met Martin and Dr. Flor and they showed me another way to improve my life and health. In my personal opinion on the Quantum Balance Program it was not difficult to fast. At the beginning  I thought was going to be hard to stop eating. Hard work and dedication pays off. 

The emotional Therapy and guidance was wonderful from Martin as well singing bowls. I started this protocol from February Monday 6 through Sunday 12, and the results are amazing with barely 10 days since I started and I feel a new cycle in my life. The most notorious changes in my health is increase of energy. I'm able to breath with no inhaler. I lost weight, muscle numbness gone , I feel more happy than ever, I don't feel stressed out , anguish and worry less. I highly recommend this Quantum Balance Program because is 100% natural and I've turned my life 180 degrees and I'm very grateful for the support and guidance from Flor and Martin Rivera"


quantum balance program

"When I took the decision of signing up in the program Quantum Balance with Dr. Flor and Martin, I did it for curiosity and I didn't know for sure what to expect. Although; my goal was to improve my health either physically and emotionally. We always heard about the importance of our gut health in the mainstream media but doing it naturally is the best option. The singing bowls sessions got me a sense  of well being, relaxation and mental clarity. During this journey my body and mind experienced a big change and I could say good bye to my usual headaches which was my main health issue. Martin and Flor are excellent professionals and took my program with lots of professionalism and ethics.

Thank you for personalized my treatment according to my schedule".



"I had a QHHT private session .  I was able to see 3 past lives, all of my  questions answered .

Received Physical Healing done and a message for my sister and little daughter from source.

My experience was more that I could expect it. My regression helped me to understand a lot of situations that I was living and turn them out in a positive way. Martin had help me answering any question. Without no doubt a great experience that I personally recommend it to whoever wanting to give a change in their lives on a positive way.

Thank you very much Martin".




"When I did the Qhht I didn't know what to expect but what lead me was curiosity, and always having the what if feeling if I never did it. My experience was truly something I have never experienced before. It has changed my life in multiple ways. I was able to experience 3 of my past lives. I was able to see what I looked like during that course of time and how I felt in that particular moment. Moreover, the people I revolved around in my everyday life. Furthermore, I was able to ask the subconscious some personal questions and they got answered. For instance, why I can communicate with dogs? Or why my dreams can become reality, and etc. This opened up my mind as to why it happens and the answers were unexpected and surprisingly. The session was explicit and remarkable. I would recommend anyone to do it. It works a great deal in your way of life. Thank you Martin for opening up my mind".



"I saw 2 past lives where I recognized parents, spouse, and son in present life. My questions got answers and received healing from back, hypertension, blood circulation on the legs and I was given advice from my higher self.Thank you Very Much Martin".




"My name is Carmen. I choose to do this committing myself to improve my health, after many years of suffering from fibromyalgia and conventional medications. So I decide to open my mind to a new way of healing. I took 7 vibrational sound sessions and personalized meditations. Each day I became more sensitive and began to observe intense colors with sacred geometry and fibonacci spirals were very clear in my mind. Moreover, with the daily guidance from Martin I was able to experience the following: A connection with my Guardian Angel giving me an important message. I explored a past life to understand my present life. I was guided to read my book of life at the Akashic Records understanding clearly my life purpose this experience was impressive, but that wasn't everything because the best came at the last session. I entered the "Temple of Healing " where I walked guided by a guardian at a center of a multi color crystal dome and I was surrounded by a swirl energy combine with the sound. I felt completely sense of profound peace and wellness and many of my personal questions were answered. This whole experience was kind of magic, but Martin explained me that it was a connection with my higher-self and trusting for my healing. For now on what I had experienced I'm feeling very confident living in the "now" a present time and reconnect it with my life path “learning to be happy no matter what ". Also I'm no longer taking any medication and the pain through my body cease. Thanks Martin for your support and guidance and I highly recommended it".