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Our bodies constitution is made over 70% of water; thus, had been purified from fasting , new positive thoughts (personalized meditations and emotional guide) and high energy vibrational frequencies from crystal singing bowls and Reiki.

Therefore, an Integral Quantum Balance is provided for a multi-dimensional health Mind Body Spirit.

Quantum Balance










Our Quantum Balance Program is a multi-dimensional treatment based in 3 areas: Mind- Body- Spirit.

Detox Therapy:

On the physical area is a fasting treatment with a variety of organic green juices in the lapse of 7 days in which the body will be regenerated at cellular level.

Among many benefits from fasting are:

  • Increase of energy and vitality.

  • Mind clarity.

  • Gut flora restoration.

  • Immune system improvement.

  • Flush of toxins and heavy metals off body.

  • Weight loss.

  • Rejuvenation.

  • A total body cleanse.

  • A complete sense of well-being.


Emotional Therapy:

A fundamental part of our program is the emotional field. Our body has cell memory from past events and we help to release conscious and unconscious emotional burdens that are manifested on physical symptoms through one on one high confidential interview non-judgmental with an emotional guide and techniques to overcome mind blockages .


Vibrational Therapy and Reiki:

Once past negative emotions are released a person is going to be exposed into harmonizing high vibration frequencies from quartz crystal singing bowls, that will reprogram and stimulate all cells at their optimum level with personalized meditations and Reiki. 

Reiki is an ancient millennial technique that channels “Source energy” to heal any discomfort, illness or symptoms.

What You Get in Our Program?

  • 7 days of fasting with green organic juices 4 juices a day.

  • Check-ins to monitor progress and provide support.

  • Guide to do enemas.

  • Supplement for eliminate heavy metals.

  • 7 Vibrational Therapy sessions.

  • Energetic Reiki sessions.

  • Emotional Therapy.

  • Personalized Meditations.

  • Guide to how to meditate.

  • Guide for breaking the fast and start eating.

  • Vegan nutrition mentoring How do I go Vegan. 

Contact us for price and questions, we do personalized programs , every program is unique and specially design for you.